Montreal Marathon

These are the videos taken when I ran the 2014 Rock N’ Roll Montreal Marathon on September 28, 2014.

The following video was taken when I met with family at kilometer 19. I can be seen eating a banana and bragging about how those 19 km are a good warm-up. This is also right in Montreal’s Latin Quarters, near the end of the half-marathon, right after the biggest hill of the course, so there is a lot of cheering going on on the street.

The second video was taken at kilometer 28. The half-marathon is over, we’re in a residential neighbourhood, so it’s a lot calmer in the street. My family members had taken the subway to meet me at this point. I have two thirds of the course completed and am starting to get a sore butt.

The last video is taken at the finish line. My spouse is running on the side-walk beside me as he’s filming this. I’m actually very happy he was able to capture my finish, because I don’t have any other picture or video of it.

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