I’m writing this post in March 2016. I ran that first marathon on September 28, 2014 and started thinking about it about three years beforehand. So this is a retrospective of both my beginnings as a runner and that first race itself. As I’m creating this blog Marathonea.com, I want there to be traces of my first running achievements, even though they are in the past.

I’m rummaging through old emails, personal Facebook posts and files on my computer to dig up everything I can from that period. Below are some videos I uploaded to my Youtube channel. I also comment on them individually in this post.


And here are the photos I have of the event.

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Then, some basic facts.

The Marathon took place on September 28, 2014 in Montreal. The weather was very hot and sunny for that period of the year, reaching 25 degrees Celsius midday. I remember there being lots of talk on the news about the hot weather and how it negatively affects runners. Let’s just say that after having run through hot humid weather all summer, this relatively “hot” autumn day was very pleasurable, even a blessing considering that the week before, the weather had dropped to less than 10 degrees Celsius with cold rain. Overall, it was a beautiful day.

Soon more to come in Part 2.

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