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March 31, 2016

After a whole day yesterday doing my best to fight an upcoming flu, today I’m a little better.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day lying on the couch with a fever, dressed in a winter scarf, hat on my head and big wool blanket because I felt like I was freezing. Didn’t workout and called in sick at work. I got up every hour to drink two whole big glasses of water, tried the “megadose of vitamin C” thing, even though the jury’s out on whether it’ll actually help (I figured it wouldn’t hurt).

Today, like I said, I’m a little better. The fever is gone. I have an ongoing headache, so I’m taking aspirin and acetaminophen. I sometimes have a deep cough, but it’s not very frequent. I’m thinking I might have actually beat this thing before it even started. We’ll see.

I’m leaving on vacation in two days and would love for this virus to be completely out of my system by then. We’ll see…

Today will be a packing day, cleaning up the house, and I’ll try to get to work tonight (TBC).

As for the weather, it’s pouring outside. Rainy spring day.


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March 30, 2016

Ugh, I’m starting to get a cold today.

I know that when I get those very first symptoms… you know, just a barely scratchy throat, headache, feeling cold, all-over-muscle-soreness  (pesky virus trying to get into my muscles!), it’s still possible to fight it off and avoid being sick.

Today is a battle.

Lots, lots, lots of water, some orange juice, took all my vitamins this morning, eating yummy homemade miso soup I had in the freezer for lunch, a hot bath, honey in my coffee and tea… I am going to slay that virus and stop it in its track!

Wish me luck.

ps. No real workout planned for today. Rest it is.


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Upcoming Half-Marathon

I had almost forgot about it, but today I received an email newsletter from Run Ottawa about my upcoming participation in the Tamarack Ottawa Half-Marathon on May 29, 2016. Just 60 days left!

In my running career, I’ve done marathons, but this is actually going to be my first half-marathon race.

I see it as a way to kick-start my training and herald in the summer.

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March 29, 2016

Happy Tuesday everyone! The plans for today are 1) Shower; 2) Get Dressed; 3) Get my butt to the pool and swim an hour; 4) maybe some mid-day shopping (I’m leaving on vacation over the weekend and have stuff to buy); 5) Get to work at 4pm.

I’ve just finished my coffee and browsed my Instagram and Pinterest feeds. Off I go on my day! It’s sunny and beautiful outside.


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How to run a first marathon when you’re obese and have never run before

The very first race I ever ran was the 2014 Rock N’ Roll Montreal Marathon. Let me repeat that… The very first race I ever ran was a full marathon. I’m pretty sure anybody without physical impairments (aside from being big and having never run before) can do it too. Continue reading

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2015 Fall Colours Marathon (Ottawa)

This post is basically a re-posting in translation of my 2015 race summary originally posted in French on Facebook the day after the marathon.

The 2015 Ottawa Fall Colours Marathon was on October 11, 2015. The weather was beautiful Continue reading

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March 28, 2016, morning

Hi Folks,

It’s early on Easter Monday and I’m writing this as I’m drinking my morning coffee. I just came back from Easter weekend spent at relatives’ house. I admit, on those family weekends away from home, I NEVER get a workout in, not to mention that there are plenty of occasions to stray from my regular diet (yep, there was plenty of chocolate, and it wasn’t dark chocolate). My attitude towards those weekends has always been that, since they don’t happen that often – maybe once every couple of months or so -, to consider them like a weekend of letting go and enjoying life. However, it’s now Monday and I feel completely out-of-synch with my regular routine. Time to get back in it today, work-out, eat well. Also, next Saturday, I’m leaving on a one-week beach vacation on the Riviera Maya in Mexico (can’t wait!!!), so this week is going to be all about packing and preparing for that, getting last-minute shopping done, etc. I’ll cram any workout I can over that and log it here. I feel like I ABSOLUTELY need to get an abdominal workout in today, and some cardio (treadmill, stationary bike) at the fitness room in the office building where I work – because, yep, I’m working tonight.

Cheers 🙂

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2015 Fall Colours Marathon Ottawa Videos

On day 3 of my blogging life, I uploaded the two videos I have of my participation in the 2015 Fall Colours Marathon to my Youtube channel. Continue reading

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Just trying on my outfit in front of the mirror the day before my 2014 marathon. Found this on my computer and I had to post it on this blog.

14-09-26 - 12-MOTION


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March 24, 2016

This is day 2 of my blogging life. Today, I spent a good deal of the morning rummaging through emails, old Facebook posts and pictures and files on my computer to write an account of that first marathon. It’s a lot of work. I set up my Youtube account and uploaded the videos. However, today I’m not skipping my workout like I did yesterday. I’m heading out to the fitness room in the office building where I work. I plan on doing 20 minutes on the stationary bike and 40 minutes on the treadmill. Cheers! 🙂

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