The last few weeks training have not been so good. My knees have started acting up. Not the first time I’ve had runner’s knee, but the first time this year.

At first, they didn’t hurt much, they were just a little sensitive. So I decided to take it easy, run only every other day… but then, I went on a long run and they gave in. I finished walking  limping with hurt knees (both of them).

Took my first ice bath… gotta say I wasn’t expecting to like it, but I loved it.

I often take cold showers and they are tough to withstand. I try to stay a whole two minutes under cold water in the shower, and it’s two minutes of constantly feeling the running cold water and it’s not easy. With the ice bath, I was pleasantly surprised to not feel the cold much after an initial 5 or 10 seconds. I followed advice found on the web and went in drinking a hot tea with a towel on my shoulders to warm my upper body, only submerging my lower body in the ice water, and it was very withstandable… even pleasant. Stayed in for over 5 minutes.

Bought new running shoes, thinking I may have gotten too much wear out of my last pair and this could be one of the causes of my knee pain.

And have decided to take a whole two weeks off of running. Instead, I’m climbing hills on my bike (no choice, where I live!)  and going to the gym and giving the elliptical and stationary bike a whirl.

But it’s depressing to not be able to run without pain. I really hope it subsides soon.

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