February 15, 2017 – 7:36 A.M.

In the midst of the off season, I want to share a thought I stumbled upon yesterday. Mostly, because I want to mark January 14, 2017 as the day I stumbled on this thought. That yesterday was Valentine’s day is only incidental (in fact, it has nothing to do with the thought itself).

I work evenings in a legal support job at a law firm and often find myself alone in the office at night working on lawyers’ requests received via email.

I have a spouse who I love very much and who loves me, who works a regular 9 to 5, so our working schedules allow for very little overlap time  – we spend time together mostly on the weekends.

My main hobby is long distance running, this is a very solitary activity.

Overall, solitude is my daily bread.

My thoughts during these long solitary hours are often filled with conversations wholly in my head with people I know or past friends and acquaintances. My mind splits in two and thoughts bounce around between myself and an imagined alter ego.

During one of these imagined conversations yesterday evening, I asked myself if I had a genie grant me a single wish, what would this be?

I gave this question much thought. First I figured that the answer should not be wholly self-interested, because if I have only one wish, I do not want this opportunity to benefit just me.

Then I thought that it should still nonetheless benefit me.

After much thought and mind searching and digging, I found my wish.

What motivates it is self-interested, no doubt. But this is sincerely what I would wish to grant to all of humanity if I could. Here it goes:

I wish that people’s perception of others be free from prejudice.

There, I made my wish.

So this includes the following three aspects:

  • I wish that other people’s perception of me be free from prejudice.
  • I wish that other people’s perception of all other people be free from prejudice.
  • I wish that my perception of all other people be free from prejudice.

I can’t wish something upon humanity without wishing it upon myself.

Now that I have had this thought, I feel a very heavy burden. For much of my life I have questioned myself on what I should aim for, what should I work towards. I feel I just stumbled upon the answer. If it’s not the sole answer, it’s at least an answer.

I wanted to write this thought and mark this day. This is probably the longest marathon I’ll face. I haven’t set out the plan to get there yet, but I feel it is now my responsibility to set out to do so.

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