Good day Internet,

I haven’t been too regular with my status posts, but I thought I’d write another one today.

Over the weekend, I did one carbed-up long run (28km) after having been on a low-carb diet for the last few weeks.

First off, let me say that the weather was great. It had been really hot all week (temperature over 30 degrees celsius everyday) and on Saturday, it dropped to a max of 26 degrees celsius. Wow, was that nice! It wasn’t too humid and there was even a cool breeze. The weather felt like a gift.

The weather was nice, there were carbs in my system, and since this was a long run, I wasn’t trying to exert myself or go too hard, quite the contrary. The first two thirds of the run were a real pleasure, totally enjoyable – I wish everyday of running could be like this. And the big upside of this run was that, for those first two-thirds, I wasn’t even thinking about my knees. They were doing doing what knees are suppose to do – allow the leg to bend and be forgotten.

However, for the last 8km or so, 1) I was working hard and 2) I did start to feel my knees becoming a bit sensitive (though not painful, so there definitely is progress). There’s been a drop in my training volume in the last few weeks because of my bad knees, and it showed. Normally, at this point of the season, 28km of running should be totally doable, but it’s not presently. I’ve got some catching up to do to crank up my endurance. But I’ve still got time until the marathon in November, so I’m not stressing too much about it. In the past, I’ve been able to crank up my cardio fitness and endurance in a matter of weeks. Heeling runners’ knee, however, is much more touchy. That my knees are getting better is what is making me the happiest.

Went cycling on Monday and did a good 8km run today. Absolutely no issues with my knees on my 8km run today.

Tomorrow, the weather is suppose to be really hot and humid, so I’m thinking I might hit the gym to get my cardio work done indoors.

Cheers and until next time!

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