Today I had a training run that, objectively, was probably one of the worst I’ve had in the last few weeks. It was hot outside, really hot and humid. I’ve been out running every single day this week, so I was relatively tired, didn’t feel fresh at all. I’m still on the low-carb diet and I ran slow, really slow.

It’s been hot all week actually. And on the previous days, when I felt it got too hot, I would take walking breaks to cool down and get my heart rate down.

This time, I decided to make this bad run about mental training. No matter how bad I felt or was running, I would keep on running and not stop to walk. Instead, I’d do my best to slow my pace so I could keep on running.

I had read the story of Cliff Young on a website earlier this week. I love this story… here, go read it or watch a video

A 61-year-old farmer who beat a bunch of well-trained athletes in a lengthy ultra-marathon by shuffling along the course all the way. While the other runners would sleep for about 6-hours, he slept less than 2-hours each night during the race, then went about with an awkward shuffle. That’s how he won. Precisely the turtle and the hare scenario.

So that’s how I felt running my course today, shuffling along in bad conditions, but keeping on going.


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