This is going to be a really quick status post. I just had my first outside run in 2017! I’ve been pretty regular with my gym training and home yoga practice this winter. However, I’ve been out of my routine for the last two weeks. I was on vacation in Costa Rica one week, came back home, worked for only two days and had tons of errands to run, then it was Easter weekend and we had guests over for a few days.

Basically, it has been two weeks since I had gone to the gym or run on a treadmill.

But guess what? My first outside run of the season today went great!! I was expecting it to be hard (it had always been in the past when transitioning from the treadmill to the street), but I guess I had lots of energy and was well rested, and it felt great to be running outside again. There’s still snow on the Gatineau park trails, so I stuck to the street.

I came home and did a one-hour yin yoga class (youtube video):

I’m posting it here because I really enjoy this particular yoga session, it’s really complete, I’ve done it quite a few times over the winter and saw huge progress in my flexibility, especially in the hips and pelvis.

I have a half-marathon in a month, so training has just started for me.


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