The very first race I ever ran was the 2014 Rock N’ Roll Montreal Marathon. Let me repeat that… The very first race I ever ran was a full marathon. I’m pretty sure anybody without physical impairments (aside from being big and having never run before) can do it too.

There was no 5k, 10k or half-marathon leading up to that race. I plunged head-first and went in all the way (well almost, I’ll get to that). This is not something I’d necessarily recommend, as a marathon is always tough on the body and finishing one requires training, preparation and a good dose of fitness (acquired through said training). And running shorter races is a good way to get there, but this is the way I did it and I’ll outline how.

First off, let me mention that it took me 3 years to get there. In 3 years, I went from being obese and completely sedentary to…  still being pretty big, but a big fat marathon runner.

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