Monday, November 14, 2016

Good day Internet,

This is just a quick status post after finishing my marathon for this year. As I’ve repeated again and again, my goal is to run one marathon per year for as long as I can, so this adventure is far from over.

As a recap, since running my very first marathon in 2014, my goal time has been to run a sub-5-hour marathon. It took me 3 tries to get there, but I finally (just barely!) reached my time goal by running a 4:59 marathon in New York City this year.

Now that I’ve reached my time goal, now that I’ve run the biggest marathon in the world, what’s next?

I haven’t run since coming back home, most of last week I was still pretty sore and recuperating from the race. However, I now think that I’m ready to ease back into my training.

Winter is at our door, and for me, winter is treadmill season (I don’t run outside in the snow and freezing temperatures). I will probably go on a few runs in the next weeks before it starts to snow, but these will be mainly for pleasure, to take advantage of the last nice days of weather nature has to offer and to enjoy my post-marathon fitness (ironically, it’s after recuperating from a marathon that I find myself in the best running fitness of the season).

My plans for this winter and the upcoming year are:

  1.  Do lots of yoga and core work. I neglected flexibility and core work while marathon training this year.  Since I’ll be in the gym and running a lot less, I’ll try to focus on these areas.
  2. Keep eating a healthy low-carb diet. This diet works best for me in preventing weight gain. I know the holidays will be a challenge.
  3. Keep blogging (and be more regular than I have been this summer).
  4. Do a bunch of speed drill exercises. I want to run faster next year,  and since I won’t be working on building endurance over the winter, I want to focus on exercises that will make me faster (think butt-kick drills and speed ladders on the treadmill).
  5. Kick-start  my summer training with the 2017 Ottawa Half-Marathon on May 28, 2017 (I’m already registered!)
  6. Run a new marathon in the fall of 2017!

Okay, as for what will next year’s marathon be? I have a few considerations.

First off, in the past, Marathon #1 was a big urban marathon (Montreal, more than 25,000 runners), marathon #2 was a small community marathon (Ottawa Fall Colours, 55 runners), marathon #3 was the biggest in the world (New York City, 52,000 runners). For future marathon #4, I plan on running another small community marathon.

Also, after spending thousands of dollars on combined travel  and registration cost for this year’s event, my spouse has asked me that next year’s be less expensive and that it can be reached by car.

So I did some research on small autumn marathons less than 4 hours drive away from Ottawa. The two marathons that’s I’m considering for next year are the following:

  • Marathon de la Vallée de la Rouge. This marathon takes place early October in the Laurentian region of Quebec, a bit North from Tremblant, with less than 40 participants in the marathon in 2016.
  • Prince Edward County Marathon. This marathon takes place early October in Prince Edward County, where Lake Ontario meets the Saint Lawrence River, with less than 130 participants in the marathon in 2016.

Both of these marathons are about a 3 hour drive from my residence, so at a very reasonable driving distance. All of this is still TBD. Anyone run one of these marathons before and could offer comments or preferences?



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