March 31, 2016

After a whole day yesterday doing my best to fight an upcoming flu, today I’m a little better.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day lying on the couch with a fever, dressed in a winter scarf, hat on my head and big wool blanket because I felt like I was freezing. Didn’t workout and called in sick at work. I got up every hour to drink two whole big glasses of water, tried the “megadose of vitamin C” thing, even though the jury’s out on whether it’ll actually help (I figured it wouldn’t hurt).

Today, like I said, I’m a little better. The fever is gone. I have an ongoing headache, so I’m taking aspirin and acetaminophen. I sometimes have a deep cough, but it’s not very frequent. I’m thinking I might have actually beat this thing before it even started. We’ll see.

I’m leaving on vacation in two days and would love for this virus to be completely out of my system by then. We’ll see…

Today will be a packing day, cleaning up the house, and I’ll try to get to work tonight (TBC).

As for the weather, it’s pouring outside. Rainy spring day.


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