Good day Internet,

Just thought I’d do a status post on the orientations I wish to give to my blog and online activities.

I think I definitely need to put more emphasis on body positivity than I have in the past. There are some posts on where I talk about losing weight, maintaining weight, etc. I’d be lying if I’d say that this isn’t a concern I’ve struggled with, but the fact that these comments of mine are on here show the real struggles someone who is both overweight and involved in sports and physical activities will encounter. The struggle is between accepting your body the way it is or wanting to change it. If you’re trying to become a better runner, or just better in any sport or physical activity, you are trying to “change” – you’re trying to improve your strength, speed, form, and general physical abilities. Fat on a body is heavy. It can and will limit your ability to move. But if you work with it and use it to your advantage, it will make you strong. If you see a dancer, a runner, or any kind of overweight athlete achieving levels of ability similar to someone without the extra fat, you have to think about the amount of work they have put into developing that ability with the weight they are bearing. To be fat and to be good in a sport or physical activity means to be strong.

There’s also another kind of strength fat people need to develop when they are invested in a sport or physical activity, the strength to withstand prejudice. The work I want to do in the realm of body positivity and fat acceptance is on the level of perception and fighting prejudice. What is prejudice? It’s categories in both thoughts and perception which our minds use to judge people and the social world as soon as we encounter it, without giving it rational conscious thought.


I want to include more bodyposi content in my blog and social media posts. I’m just starting with this. My first Youtube video called “Fatspo” is an attempt at this (I’m not totally happy with how it turned out. I find the dancing is not synchronized well with the music. I actually first created the video with another song, then got a copyright notice that limited my ability to make it public. I then had to recreate the video using public domain music). The goal was to show big women of all sizes (ranging from “slightly chubby” to “fat fat”) doing cool and incredible things with their bodies.

I’m a bit bothered with how much body positive content on the internet and social media focuses on big women just showing off their bodies and being pretty or sexy. This promotes the view that bodies as okay as long as they are sexually desirable. I can understand that as humans, a lot of what we do, we do for sex, whether it’s consciously or not. However, I want the body positivity I promote to be about what a body can do. I want women to develop the conscience, attitude and confidence that if they put in the work, they can do incredible things with their bodies.

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