Monday, May 30, 2016

Wow, I haven’t written anything in the last few weeks. I have to say that I had a really late start to my training, since temperatures were really crappy in April and the beginning of May. There was still snow and ice on the ground at the end of April and temperatures weren’t going much over 10 degrees celsius in mid-May. It was a really cold spring and I wasn’t running as much as I wanted to.

But training did progress.

Two weeks ago, after what seemed like just a regular good 8km run, I got an email from telling me I had beat my “fastest average pace”. Which meant that I beat none of my speed records for distances shorter than 8km, but that I had maintained a good pace throughout without taking walking breaks. And I was surprised the next day to again break that record from the previous day (I ran just a few seconds faster overall).

What this tells me is that years of training is making my body progress. I’m actually running faster now at near 200lb than I ran three years ago 40lb lighter.

Yesterday was the Ottawa Race Weekend. I took part in the half-marathon. I’ll write a separate post on that, but I’ll just mention that I had a performance that was WAY beyond my expectations.

Since my training has been so short, I actually only ran one 20km run before the half-marathon, and that was the Wednesday just before the Sunday race. I ran those 20km in 3+ hours, walking most of the distance after 18km.  I was out of town the weekend prior visiting relatives and didn’t get a chance to do a long run that weekend, and I knew it was important to get at least one long threshold 20km+ run in my training before the half-marathon. Hence the Wednesday long run… just before going to work.

Temperature were really hot and humid on the day of the race, reaching over 30 degrees celsius mid-day.

Before the race, I told my boyfriend (so he’d know what time to wait for me at the finish line) that I was aiming to run it in 2 hours 30 minutes, but that that was pretty optimistic and unlikely, and that a time of near 3 hours was more realistic.

Yesterday, I PRed in all the following distances: 5km, 3miles, 10km, half-marathon, plus I beat that “fastest average pace” record set in the weeks beforehand. I still can’t believe it and am wondering what happened!!

I ran the half-marathon in 2:27. My previous record was 2:33 (set 3 years prior when I was about 40lb lighter).

Overview of the 2016 Ottawa Half-Marathon to come!


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