March 28, 2016, morning

Hi Folks,

It’s early on Easter Monday and I’m writing this as I’m drinking my morning coffee. I just came back from Easter weekend spent at relatives’ house. I admit, on those family weekends away from home, I NEVER get a workout in, not to mention that there are plenty of occasions to stray from my regular diet (yep, there was plenty of chocolate, and it wasn’t dark chocolate). My attitude towards those weekends has always been that, since they don’t happen that often – maybe once every couple of months or so -, to consider them like a weekend of letting go and enjoying life. However, it’s now Monday and I feel completely out-of-synch with my regular routine. Time to get back in it today, work-out, eat well. Also, next Saturday, I’m leaving on a one-week beach vacation on the Riviera Maya in Mexico (can’t wait!!!), so this week is going to be all about packing and preparing for that, getting last-minute shopping done, etc. I’ll cram any workout I can over that and log it here. I feel like I ABSOLUTELY need to get an abdominal workout in today, and some cardio (treadmill, stationary bike) at the fitness room in the office building where I work – because, yep, I’m working tonight.

Cheers 🙂

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